Humla Development Initiative [Humla Kachahari]
Humla Kachahari
As a part of the programs under the Humla Development Initiative (HDI), it was planned to have an Open Discussion Forum under the name 'HUMLA KACHAHARI' to be organised annually to raise voice on the development of Humla and to lobby on policy issues. This forum is open for those directly or indirectly involved in Humla development activities, institutions, stakeholders, I/N/GOs, experts and individuals interested to share on the issues, suggestions regarding Humla for maximum utilization of common platform.
Broad Objectives:
To share the information about Humla among the residents of Humla, people working in Humla for Humla and      those keen in the development of Humla.
To build networking among the organizations involved and interested people.
To start lobbying with government and raise the issues for the development of Humla.
First of such forum was organised in October 2005, when the name Humla Kachahari was coined, KACHAHARI is forum in local Humli language. The one day discussion program was attended by most of the organisations and people directly involved in Humla development activities including the former Honourable Assistant Minister, Mr Chhakka Bahadur Lama and the former DDC Chairperson Mr. Jeevan Bahadur Shahi, both are residents of Humla district.
In every HUMLA KACHAHARI, a particular theme is considered to discuss on relevant issues, instead of keeping it too open. Although it was aimed to have an informal discussion session on different matters, it was planned to focus on some issues so as to provide some thoughts for planning in future from individual or organisational sides.
First Humla Kachahari
In the first KACHAHARI, being the very first such program, the forum discussed on naming the forum itself (as a result 'HUMLA KACHAHARI'), sustainable development needs of Humla and sharing about the programs and plans by the organizations working in Humla.
The KACHAHARI concluded with the points:
Minimize the infrastructural development and more development benefits to indigenous people of Humla. We     should be in between of it as per the local people's requirement.
We need to visualize the Humla for long journey.
Need lobbying group.
Need Humla Kachahari in Oslo, Norway as well.
Development should be speedy and continuation especially in Humla.
Networking is must for not duplication of development work in Humla; but we need to think over the survival     and continuation of it.
Second Humla Kachahari
The second HUMLA KACHAHARI was organized on November 2006 with the theme to focus on 'Natural Resource Utilization in Humla' particularly, on the Non Timber Forest Products (NTFP).
The discussion of NTFP in Humla was initiated by a presentation on 'Prospects on NTFP' by Dr. Tirtha Bahadur Shrestha. Besides, Professor Indra Narayan Manandhar who is associated with the book 'Karnali Under Stress', Mr. Bhairab Risal, MP of Humla, Mr. Gorakh Bahadur Bogati, former DDC Chairperson Mr. Jeevan Bahadur Shahi, Chairperson of 'Nepal Herbs and Herbal Association' Mr. Parbat Gurung, National Planning Commission Planning Officer and many key personals from different organizations, individuals directly or indirectly involved in Humla development activities, institutions, stakeholders attended and shared views, ideas, suggestions, and interrelated issues.
Third Humla Kachahari

The third Humla Kachahari was held on 28 th December, 2007 at Hotel Shangri-la. The event is organized annually by NIDS (Nepal Institute of Development Studies) under its “Humla Development Initiative” project. The program started at around 9:30 am emceed by Ms Radhaa Gurung. The chief Guest for the program was Mr. Rama Kant Gauro, Honorable Member of National Planning Commission. Mr. Jiwan Bahadur Shahi, former District Development Committee Chairman of Humla started the discussion by sharing his experience on how the program got its name, Humla Kachahari. Kachahari is a local term used in Humla to define a place where people gather to discuss their problems and resolve any argument. As this indigenous name represents the objective of the program, which is to have a discourse on Humla's development, he was positive that the title would itself speak volume about the program.

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